my memory

1..2..3..i love u safwan

 Allah gave the opportunity to us on 10december2011 when we meet at paroi.
he came to my table and said hye to my bestfrend.
for the first time i look at his face,my heart..'bapak macho mamat ni..cpt tunduk..malu den'.
and that my short look.just that.i dont turn my head to see him even he was sitting about nice angle of my that moment i felt like..'asl la aku ta pakai spect nie.ta nmpk muke dy!' what can i do...i was so sad.
the best part came when my bestfrend told me that he wanted my fon number..
i wonder why me........
i count the day..just 4 day left bfore i go..
he text me..we keep replying text until 14december , 1.50a.m.
i dont remember what was the last text i gave him.
8335km far away from malaysie, different time,
i keep going read his text on my fon.
full battery but no maxis service,,hahahaha
so funny doing stupid thing bfore and after sleep.
let be true..i was stalker.i brrow the hotels' computer.yeayy
login my FB and finding someone called safwan,,until i found 'eone leviosa'
i won i won i won.
but...i wont add him.. :(
my flight on 17december. so happy..arrived klia on 18december looking my fon hoping someone will text me..
so sad huh..they were many text.but not from safwan.
and finally, around 11pm, he ask me
'u nk jd gf i..?'
hahaha.of coz i said 

You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart… I Love You!

End of my love story