this is the end

here i wrote some our conversation

at 7.21p.m.
ila :  da banyak kali kite break, tp kapel balik.but..i rase..kali nie no turning back.
      at this moment, i lepaskan u pun lepaskan i.
      kte maybe tade jodoh.wlpn susah to face the fact, i rase ni yg terbaik.masing2
      pun da brubah.syg tu bia need to force.okay :)

at 7.24p.m.
my prince : i lepaskan u bkn dgn care kasar. tp care baik. mybe not our destiny . btol ckp u .
               syg tu mmg ade. mybe bkn mse ny tok kte kapel . 
               mybe next time . i happy couple dgn u . i had a great time together wif u.

I loved you then and I love you still. I forever do and I forever will..

3month 25day

~the end~