my wishes all night

nak tanye kaurg nie.. bodoh ta kalau aku ckp kat dy..?

"you tayah risau. tiap2 malam i doa kat Allah bia buatkan hati i keras,so i blh lupekan you.."
nk tahu ta? aku tipu diri aku. aku tipu dy. just acting im stonger. asal aku bodoh sgt er? ckp mcm tu kat org aku syg..

i might not be the best girl he ever had, but i was the lucky girl in the world when Allah gave me the chance 3month to be inlove with safwan bakri. i tahu.. bkn 3 tahun. tp 3bulan mcm 3 tahun tuk i. it was great. it was the best. now, forever, still the best.
sometimes, i wish ull come back. so ill have back my part of life. i told u before.i gave back all of ur memory.
sbb i ta snggop nak ingat.. sebelum tido, im thinking what ure doing. when i wake up, im hoping u doing fine and again, i remember back ur memory. from the beginning until the last.

now, i stand here dngan satu harapan, berharap AHMAD SAFWAN BAKRI bukak hati dy lagi. i dont care if org lain ckp i bodoh. coz i believe , we will be together. i dont know when.. 

"i ta penah syg org lain mcm ni. i happy "
i glad to be the only one girl u have loved so much. tengs my prince. 

I won't forget the times that we ever had together. I wish that you weren't a part of my past, but my future. Amin.