2nd chance

I may have done wrong, but trust me, if you give me a chance, I will love you like no one else could.


with only 15minute left before me and him go back home,i started to talk.aku tgok jam.. ah ta sempat nie. but i dont why i just said. mungkin aku banyak ungkit smpai dy fedup, and he gave me back jam yg aku pernah kasi kat dy. no.. not that i want. i just want u back.
Every thing I do, I do for love and not for anything in return
 actually aku da nak menangis da kt table tuh.tp aku tahan.haa. im strong girl right..just because i was in public.
but in the car,i started to cry. im crying infront him. memalukan ?? tidak la. sbb aku betul2 sedih. dy ckp dy bg aku 2nd chance. at the point, i stop the tears. my heart fill happy. i dont know why i got that filling.
even dy ckp, dy takan lyn aku mcm dlu.
and now im asking myself. am i too strong for this situation? 
i think i can. but i just dont know how far i can face it.

i remember what he said

hati i kosong
i da tawar hati dgn u
u carik la laki lain 
i blh terime u
tp bukan mcm dlu
nnti u lagi sakit
u yg mintak putus
u engat i ta sedih ke bia u alone
okay skg, mlm ni, kite couple balik
ade pape lg nk ckp?

me said 'no'

he get out from the car.

weyy..sedih...sedih i dengar you ckp mcm tu.
tp tape. aku try yg terbaik tuk kali ni.hoping this relay may stronger than before

I will always be yours even when you don't want me.