berborak,sesi meluahkan prasaan maybe

bile kite dduk diam2 dlm bilik,mst tringat kt memory kan.cube la try tnye mane2 org pun.sume same kot.
so kdg2,aku teringat balik kngan,it such kill me.
sometime i smile,sometime i laugh,sometime i CRY.?
yeahhh.i crying.but i dont know why
coz i dont know when to start and when to stop it.this filling come and go whenever they like

dlm bbrape hari ni,aku byk luangkan mase typing dlm blog.sbb blog ni mcm dairi aku but it sume org blh bace,kite blh kongsi2 story kan.
ei aku almost aku mnx tataw la dpt ke ta.kalau ade rezeki maybe...atlis aku blh bt something membuzy kan dri aku.i try to built my own life without be honest,nothing change.

actually,ape yg sgt mnyedihkan skg,bile kite tahu, org kite syg tgh happy without us.can u imagine that?how u try to face that?but for me, i try to face that with crying.even kdg2 aku tataw na nages point at all.
coz u have loose your life.i really meant it.u have loose never come back
ive loose my life for once..for once..i share my life with someone but i was the person who u must blame.sbb aku yg lepaskan dy..and aku the one ta dpt trime kenyataan yg dy blh idup without suffer with all this.

im too suffer for this pain

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Deeply in love with someone who doesn't love me.