count the day

okay arini da masok 6 day masing2 away.

to be honest, aku try lari from the memory...but nothing change. 272km dr seremban, berape byk sgt aku blh lupe kan klau nak dibandingkan dgn jauh 8335km tuh?kalau 8 ribu km aku still read msj dy,doing same thing..nikan 2 ratus km.

tiap2 hari kwn aku ckp kat aku...'jgn terlalu mengharap bnde yg ta pasti akan dtg balik'..mmg btul ape dyorg ckp. tp aku still saba, tnggu n berharap dy dpt maafkan ape aku bt .. seriusly, ive done stupid thing. 

klau 1000kali aku mnx maaf,then dy ta na trime aku..i dont know what to say..bkn sng na lupekan...susah n senang bersame.3month.25day

now 15 day to go..15 day like 15week.and im trying to be as usual.lakukan rutin harian without him.and im feel so lonely.until aku rase tade air mate na nages dah.

and waiting for him to accept me back as his girlfriend.

18th april match chalsea and barcelona.
18th april, my 4month aniversery.but this day,i celebrate it alone.

and aku still remember ape yg kiteorg talk about barcelona match.

"me : eeee ta malu eh.silap mane ade lawan chalsea la..lambat lg"
"him : alaa.mane la org taw.ayah yg ckp taw."
"me : cover la tuh.malu ta?"
"him: emm.tak!mne ade malu ade taw match tuh.haaaa"

at moment,aku tringat balik tyme kiteorg happy.and aku sllu putar belitkan cite..bile da blur.tataw la ape kite org bebelkan.

"me : ei honey..mslhnye skg, ILOVEYOU."
"him : tu la tuh. ILOVEYOUTOO."
"me : honey nie..mne blh tiru la."
"him : mane ade tiru la.. :) ."

now i try to pretend to be happy.but i cant.coz i still waiting the miracle to come
just hoping one day,on 2nd may,AHMAD SAFWAN BAKRI will be mine again.

"The hardest part in life is trying to show the smile you know is fake and to hide the tears that won’t stop."